30. July 2013

A twin track towards project wrap-up

The final work towards the project finish is being coordinated on two tracks, with a public symposium in Bern and a presentation of project findings to experts in Norrköpping (Sweden).

A symposium in Bern on the 12th September will focus on the practical needs of Swiss senior citizens, and TAO’s practical tips from partners from Ulm, Maastricht and Bern will be detailed through presentations and interviews. Of special interest to Swiss senior citizens will be the presentation of Seniorweb.ch’s new strategy.

Under the banner of “Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)”, universities, companies and practitioners from across Europe develop a wide range of measures to improve the quality of life of older citizens. Every year they meet at the end of September at the AAL forum (this year in Norrköpping, Sweden), to exchange ideas and experiences. Also TAO, as a collaborative project between the Bern University of Applied Sciences, the University of Maastricht and the University of Ulm, will be promoting its technical innovations from the web and insights into business models there.

The whole project TAO has also entered the “AAL-Forum Award”, an award which gives recognition to projects with lasting benefits.

For more information please contact TAO’s project manager Thomas Gehrig.

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