9. August 2012

Active aging and Intergenerational Dialogue

A Challenge for the Danube Countries in a United Europe

New directions in Seniors’ Education

8-10th of July 2012 – A European conference within the 8th International Danube Festival in Ulm/Neu- Ulm and the European Year of Active Ageing.

The active participation and social inclusion of all sections of society and dialogue between the old and the young are necessary preconditions for the development of civil society. At a time of rapid changes in science, economy, technology and society, the challenges of the future will be met by old and young together.

Ageing societies such as those in the Danube Region cannot permit the enormous potential of older generations to remain unused. For this reason, society must safeguard their skills and productivity. On the other hand, given the speed with which knowledge is outdated, a readiness to engage in lifelong learning is also demanded from older citizens.
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