20. December 2013

TAO lives on as Network of Practice


In the growing “silver (surfer) market” there is the potential for the TAO practice partners to continue to put their expertise into practice beyond the end of the project. The TAO network of practice connects background expertise with the real world experience of communities for seniors. Continue reading 

2. October 2013

Project over? No, just a milestone


Even though the project is officially coming to an end, TAO contributors have already come up with several practical ideas to build upon the solid foundations and contacts established throughout the course of the project. These ideas will allow TAO’s success to continue beyond the end of the project. Continue reading 

27. September 2013

Getting Seniors onto the Internet


How do older people get onto the Internet? How do they benefit from it? These questions were answered at a symposium in Bern which wrapped up the Third Age Online (TAO project). The project has shown us that over 60’s can benefit when they seize the opportunities offered by the Internet. Continue reading 

20. September 2013

SeniorWeb and TAO win the ‘Learn for Life Encouragement Award 2013’


Our partner SeniorWeb (Netherlands) has won the “Learn for Life Encouragement Award 2013” for its TAO-activities. This Dutch Award is annually given during the ‘Learning Festival’, which aims to encourage people to further develop their knowledge and skills. Continue reading 

17. September 2013

People 60+ can benefit from online communities

Quelle: Internet goes Ländle

The 60-plussers of today are more active and socially connected than ever before. But what happens with all their social contacts when they stop working or become less mobile? The TAO-team showed that 60plussers have a lot to gain from joining online communities. Continue reading 

30. August 2013

“Be Brave!”: Silver Knowledge in Germany


This summer, the Wikipedia-course “Das kleine Wikipedia 1×1” (The Wikipedia Basics) took place at the University of the Third Age in Cottbus (Germany); organised by the project TAO with Wikimedia Germany. Results? A self-written, collaborative Wikipedia article and the confidence to continue contributing to Wikipedia. Continue reading 

16. August 2013

Dare to be wise


Sapere aude – Dare to be wise! Findings from the PEER project research flow into the TAO Community of Practice. Continue reading 

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