14. June 2013

European online senior communities exchange experience


Under the banner of TAO, UNU-MERIT (research and training centre of the United Nations University and Maastricht University) organized an open international workshop for online senior communities in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Continue reading 

31. May 2013

Being a senior, becoming an internet-helper


Senior people who need some help using the internet, like helpers who are seniors as well. To give such senior internet-helpers all the necessary knowledge, our German TAO-partner ZAWiW organizes a “qualification seminar” about new media for older volunteers. (Further information is in German). Continue reading 

31. May 2013

How do you do that? Workshop offers online communities the opportunity to exchange experience


How can we help people to use the Internet so it’s really useful for their everyday life? This was the central question discussed on the 15th May at the TAO-Workshop in Ulm. Continue reading 

17. May 2013

Not computer-Chinese


Many people helped shaping the TAO-project –and their initiatives may also continue when the project ends. Continue reading 

3. May 2013

Workshop Maastricht: New strategies to promote online senior communities


Although new technologies play an increasingly important role in all our daily lives, many elderly people fear or misunderstand technology. The upcoming TAO-workshop in the Dutch city Maastricht (22 May 2013) aims to gather a range of concerned organizations to identify common problems and best practices to promote, brand and market online communities for senior citizens. Continue reading 

30. April 2013

Workshop in Ulm: where Online Communities and Older People’s Organisations meet


On the 15th of May administrators from various online communities will meet with their counterparts from organisations representing older adults in Ulm. They will discuss how adults in the 50 plus age group can be successfully introduced to the virtual world of the Internet. Continue reading 

19. April 2013

God Morgen! Norwegian ‘Seniornett’ visit their Dutch counterparts at ‘SeniorWeb’


Representatives of two online senior citizen communities met to talk about their strategies, services and policies. Continue reading 

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