9. September 2012

TAO Participation at AAL Forum 2012

AAL Forum 2012 – Tomorrow in sight: from design to delivery Delivering effective AAL services, creating new business opportunities and unfolding future policies for active and healthy ageing. 24 – 27 September 2012, Eindhoven, The Netherlands This year, the annual … Continue reading 

Elly presenting the Silver Knowledge approach at Wikimania 2012 15. July 2012

TAO at Wikimania 2012

Engaging more older people in Wikipedia and its sister projects is the objective of several actions and projects carried out within the framework of the project TAO and beyond. We took this year’s Wikimania in Washington DC as an occasion … Continue reading 

active older people 21. February 2012

“Older Persons and Online Communities” – Study Completed

The study report “How Online Communities Can Make a Contribution to the Social Integration of Persons Aged 60 to 75” completes our preliminary study on older persons and online communities. A review of the literature on activating, motivating and integrating … Continue reading 

31. August 2011

Grey Revolution: Motivating Older Persons to Participate in Wikipedia

How can we promote older persons’ (60+) access to online collaboration projects like Wikipedia? That is one of the main questions in the European research project Third Age Online (TAO). In formulating an answer to that question, we have two … Continue reading 

11. May 2011

Project TAO: Status update after the first half year…

Our project has been running for a bit more than half a year now. Time to sketch out what we have achieved so far: Thanks to the dedication of more than 25 volunteers, the action “Free Cruise on the Internet” … Continue reading 

24. January 2011

Start of TAO in Germany

Wikimedia Germany, one of our German project partners, is aiming to approach, attract and include older people as authors for the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia. Compared to its share of the overall population, the generation aged 50 years and older has … Continue reading 


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