16. August 2013

Dare to be wise


Sapere aude – Dare to be wise! Findings from the PEER project research flow into the TAO Community of Practice.

The European project “PEER- Sapere aude!” aims to promote knowledge transfer, and the learning opportunities it generates, amongst older people.

50+ platforms (internet based social networks for adults over 50 years) offer many opportunities for life-long learning and especially learning into old age. With this in mind members and contributors to the PEER project are supporting and enabling informal “peer learning” in these online communities with Web2.0 tools designed for those in their third age.

The most recent meeting of the project collaborators was hosted by the Portuguese partners Aidlearn, at the end of July. The conclusions and findings from this PEER meeting have now been published as an article in the TAO Handbook and Community of Practice. The focus is on the insights gained from looking at the use, motivation and needs of older users of social networks. As well as containing useful pedagogical advice it also gives practical and technical tips for deploying meaningful and appropriate Web2.0 tools on 50+ platforms.

More information can be found regarding project PEER on this page.

This page is also available in: German


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