15. September 2011

Free Cruise on the Internet continued

Workshop "Freie Fahrt ins Internet" im Wankdorf Center in Bern

After a successful pilot test last spring, that had to be prolongued due to the large demand, the action “Free Cruise on the Internet” continues this fall. This time, the Seniorweb volunteers are present not only in the Bernese shopping mall “Wankdorf Center”, but also in Kreuzlingen. An extension to further sites is planned in 2012. The action, which aims at assisting seniors with their first steps on the Internet and in Online Communities, is supported by Seniorweb, Pro Senectute, Coop, Swisscom, Wikimedia CH, and the Bern University of Applied Sciences.

For information about the present course offerings, see: http://www.seniorweb.ch/type/blog/2011-08-29-kursanmeldungen-fuer-kreuzlingen-und-bern

This page is also available in: German


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