19. April 2013

God Morgen! Norwegian ‘Seniornett’ visit their Dutch counterparts at ‘SeniorWeb’

Representatives of two online senior citizen communities met to talk about their strategies, services and policies.

Recently, the Norwegian online senior community ‘Seniornett Norway’ visited the Dutch ‘SeniorWeb’ in Utrecht (Netherlands). Together they talked about their learning centres, marketing strategies, their websites, computer support service, financing and their general policies.

Inspired by the Dutch ‘SeniorWeb’, the Norwegian ‘Seniornett’ aims to improve its brand and service. It also plans to structure its website more clearly and make it more user-friendly. Additionally, an annual meeting and networking day for Norwegian volunteers is being planned in order to improve knowledge exchange and build a sense of ‘family’ amongst the volunteers. However, the vast distances in Norway are unlikely to make organising this event a simple task!

The similarities between the two organisations make the exchange of information all the more important and useful. Both offer paid subscriptions and membership, they have learning centres spread throughout their respective countries and make use of volunteers’ efforts. One area where ‘SeniorWeb’s’ experience will certainly be particularly useful is the subject of funding. Currently ‘Seniornett Norway’ receives financial support from the government, however, in the future it would like to become financially independent, just like its Dutch sister organisation.

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