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SeniorWeb Netherlands is nominated for the „International Award 2013“
With its project “Third Age Online”, SeniorWeb is nominated for the International Award. This Award is distributed annually during the Festival of the Learning.
seniorweb.nl, 8.7.2013 (text only available in Dutch)

Online study: Use of encyclopedia Wikipedia

Seniorweb NL has called their members to participate in an online study about the use of the free encyclopedia Wikipedia. This study is part of TAO, and is conducted by the TAO-partner University Maastricht MERIT.

seniorweb.nl, 2.5.2013 (text only available in Dutch)

Connected Technologies and Engaging Generations: Stijn Bannier

Stijn Bannier, the researcher in the TAO project, participated in the IFA 11th Global Conference on Ageing in Prague in May 2012 and gave a presentation on “Connected Technologies and Engaging Generations: Tweets, blogs, social networks and the digital divide”. You can watch it below.

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