TAO Handbook

The TAO Handbook targets individuals and organisations wishing to include older adults in online communities. It will include detailed results from research done in the framework of TAO and experiences made by the TAO consortium as well as members of the CoP. All contents will be presented in an easy-to-access, understandable manner. The TAO Handbook is created on the collaborative Wikiversity, i.e. all contents can at all times be modified by interested users.

The Community of Practice should include a significant number of actors in fields related to TAO, i.e. facilitating and promoting access of older adults to online communities and collaboration projects. It will be involved in drafting and amending the Handbook. An important aim is finding members. This may be achieved through offline events, network communication and personal guidance for newcomers.

The Community will be administrated by a core group of members and meets regularly online. Different other tools will be set up to improve cooperation and activity in the Community of Practice.

The TAO consortium takes further steps towards the achievement of the aims set out in the following report:

Concept of the TAO Handbook and Community of Practice


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