Swisscom AG

Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading telecoms provider, with 5,8 million mobile customers and around 1.6 million broadband connections. In 2010, the company’s 19,500 employees (full time equivalents) generated revenues of almost CHF 12 billion.

Swisscom has a presence throughout Switzerland and offers a full range of products and services for mobile, landline and IP-based voice and data communication. Massive investments in network infrastructure ensure that this will remain the case in the future. With Swisscom TV, customers too have become increasingly aware of the trend towards multimedia. Swisscom is active in one of the most attractive broadband markets in Europe via the Italian provider Fastweb. Swisscom also offers services for IT infrastructure outsourcing as well as the management of communications infra­structures.

With initiatives such as Swisscom Help Point and Internet for Schools, Swisscom is helping to shape the information society in Switzerland. Swisscom is interested in promoting active participation in the Internet among all parts of the population. For this reason, Swisscom has been offering user education and support services to elderly users at an affordable price and is eager to further improve its offer in that area by developing new content for its courses in order to reflect the recent developments on the Web.

Swisscom AG

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