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Seniors in the Knowledge Society

Information and Communication Technologies [ICTs] are widely used by society in general. People use these technologies not only to surf the Internet or communicate but also to create new relationships and networks, learn from the net, create new content and collaborate with other people and help each other. Seniors also want to feel “e-included” and go from simple readers from the net to people that participates actively in the net.
The concept of the Knowledge Society [KS] represents the new society that is living, learning, sharing and experiencing through the net; seniors can’t be excluded from this new society.

Institutions taking part in this Learning Partnership [LP] are related to education for the elderly and ICT. We understand the importance of ICT in society, by the great opportunities provided and the risks they present. All these institutions are engaged in courses or processes aimed at the e-inclusion of older people in the KS, and through this LP is to exchange best practices and experiences, to make possible a more effective e-inclusion and higher quality.

Further information about this project you can find in the official website: Seniors in the Knowledge Society


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