MD Systems

MD Systems is the leading specialist for web communication based on Drupal in Switzerland. The goal of its multidisciplinary team of software developers and communication professionals is to provide the best possible web communication for their clients.

Committed to the open source approach, MD Systems takes an active part within the Drupal deve­lopers community. MD Systems is a member of the core team of the Swiss Drupal group and a member of the Drupal association. Acting as a maintainer of several Drupal modules, MD Systems is committed to making its software enhancements accessible to the entire community.

MD Systems has been maintaining the online platform at for more than 10 years. During that time, a close relationship has developed with the Seniorweb CH community. For this reason it goes without saying that dealing with usability/accessibility issues among elderly users is part of MD Sys­tems’ core business and its activities within the Drupal developers community.

MD Systems

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