Seniorweb Switzerland

Seniorweb Switzerland was founded in 1998 and runs the leading community platform for seniors in Switzerland. Its website offers a variety of services, like computer support, thematic information (education, culture, politics, society, health and economy), community activities, and entertainment (games, videos etc.). Seniorweb is embedded in the structure of national associations for seniors like the Swiss Seniors Council, the national umbrella organisation with about 220’000 members, and organisations like Pro Senectute and others. The Websites provides information in three official languages (German, French and Italian) and reaches all Swiss language regions. Seniorweb is financed by sponsoring, advertisement and premium memberships. In 2007 Seniorweb was rewarded with the “Knight of Communication” award by the Swiss Federal Office of Communications.

Seniorweb’s activities rest on three pillars: an online editorial section, an online community based on a forum and on mailing lists, and offline meetings, organised by ten regional groups. The editorial section’s volunteer staff is made up of over 100 regular contributors.

Seniorweb Switzerland

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