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The Centre for General Scientific Continuing Education (German abbreviation: ZAWiW) of Ulm University is responsible for the design and organisation of innovative education programmes for older people and the development of new fields of activity for this target group. ZAWiW was founded in March 1994 and organises the “Seasons´ Academies” which are intensive continuing education weeks for people in the third age – and younger. Between 700 and 1000 seniors participate in each of the academy weeks with 18 seniors’ groups working on various subjects during the whole year. The results of their work are made available in form of publications, exhibitions, websites etc. Several mixed age projects are designed to promote dialogue as well as competence and experience transfer between the generations.

On the regional level ZAWiW launched a training and instruction programme of Senior Internet Helpers (SIH) in the Federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg besides various other capacity building projects in ICT for elderly people. On the national level ZAWiW was instrumental in the creation and development of the “Virtual and real learning and competence network for older adults”. ZAWiW also coordinated various European projects, such as “European Network Learning in Later Life“ (LiLL), “Self-organised Learning in Later Life” (SoLiLL), or “eLiLL – eLearning in Later Life”.

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