2. October 2013

Project over? No, just a milestone


Even though the project is officially coming to an end, TAO contributors have already come up with several practical ideas to build upon the solid foundations and contacts established throughout the course of the project. These ideas will allow TAO’s success to continue beyond the end of the project.

Although project TAO officially comes to an end on the 30th September 2013, after the eagerly awaited symposium in Bern and the European-wide exchange of ideas at the AAL-Forum in Norrköpping (Sweden), there is still some final administrative work to be completed before the close of 2013. But three years of work don’t really stop there.

Beyond the network that the project contributors have managed to create, TAO has given insight into ways of increasing the quality of life for older people. What’s more, it has also provided the impulse for various projects designed to really improve older generations’ quality of life. To not let all this hard work go to waste, the Bern University of Applied Sciences, the University of Maastricht and the University of Ulm have already developed solid ideas on how to continue collaboration and undertake effective follow up projects. One of the central themes for the future is financial feasibility – how can senior communities be financed?

If you want to know more, the TAO Project Co-ordinator Thomas Gehrig will be happy to answer your questions.

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