Community Activities

New approaches to integrating more older people in online communities are being developed in a joint effort with practice partners and the research team using action research methodology.

The activities are diverse and range from rather traditional activation and advertising activities in shopping malls, courses, individual support, seminars and events to online activities, such as virtual learning projects, online mentoring, mutual work on articles and collaboration in virtual groups. The table below contains a typology of activities: it ranges from rather traditional face-to-face offerings to introduce older persons to the mostly new and unfamiliar online activities (in the top left corner) to online collaboration and various activities in online communities (in the bottom right corner).

Types of Activities
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In addition, communities and/or their platform providers may also improve the accessibility, usability, and sociability of their platforms (see the section about software development within the project TAO).

The overview table gives you a general indication of the approaches being tested and implemented as part of the project TAO. Approaches that have successfully been launched have their own description page.

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