E-Learning@Seniorweb CH

Seniorweb.ch, a community and electronic platform that targets an audience ages 50 and up, has made its mission to offer opportunities for collaborative and self-directed learning. As a supplement to classic forms of learning, e-learning offers seniors quite a few benefits: A person can learn at any time and any place, the subject matter can be selected based on individual preferences and the student can take breaks and repeat the material as often as he/she likes. For Seniorweb.ch, the challenge in developing e-learning units was twofold: On the one hand, the web-based programs needed to be developed so that they targeted the right audience and on the other hand the goal was to encourage a social cohesion in the Seniorweb.ch community by applying a collaborative approach in developing web-based content. The main objective is to further develop Seniorweb.ch with the help of online learning activities that are in keeping with the foundation’s purpose.

eLearning Summary Report


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