Overview Table

The overview table below gives you a general indication of the approaches being tested and implemented as part of the project TAO. Approaches that have successfully been launched have their own description page.

Overview Table: Projects / Actions

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From concept to broad implementation

Starting from a concept, new approaches are developed over three phases:

  • During the exploration phase pilot projects are carried out to test the feasibility and effectiveness of new approaches; the goal is to learn quickly in short cycles in order to make improvements, to identify best practices, and to develop new ideas.
  • During the multiplication phase projects move from a first proof of concept towards large scale implementation; the main focus of attention gradually shifts towards know-how transfer, exchange of best practices, efficiency and sustainability, as well as institutionalization.
  • During the internationalization phase best practices and implementation approaches are transferred at an international level or across cultural/linguistic boundaries, which means that inter-cultural and institutional differences become an issue.

Across these project phases (exploration, multiplication, and internationalization) our experiences are collected and systematized for later transfer to other situations and organizations.

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