Wiki Loves Monuments

Wiki Loves Monuments is a photo contest around European monuments, organized by various Wikimedia chapters. The goal of the contest is to gather freely usable photos of cultural heritage sites. A “Wiki Loves Monuments” photo contest was first carried out by Wikimedia Netherlands in 2010. Due to its great success, it was carried out, in parallel, in around 15 European countries in 2011. “Wiki Loves Monuments” is a charm offensive addressing the population in the participating countries, in order to raise public awareness and support for Wikimedia’s main goal – the promotion of free access to knowledge – and to demonstrate how easy it is to contribute to Wikimedia projects. Many chapters take the contest as an occasion to reach out to new contributors, some especially focusing on older people.

Wiki Loves Monuments in Switzerland (2011)
The Swiss Wikimedia chapter organized the contest together with various partners from the cultural sector and took the contest as an occasion to reinforce its cooperation with Seniorweb CH. Seniorweb CH volunteers were expected to contribute to “Wiki Loves Monuments” by supporting the PR activities (organization of local events, information of the local and regional media, and information of their own online community), by helping out with some organizational work (award show), and by simply taking part in the contest. Moreover, Seniorweb CH and Wikimedia CH are taking the contest as an occasion to further develop their course offerings, especially in the area of photo editing and using photos in connection with various online communities, including Wikimedia Commons.

Wiki Loves Monuments in the Netherlands (2011)
SeniorWeb NL supported Wikimedia NL in reaching out to senior citizens. They published several news items on the website and in the newsletter in order to encourage members to participate in the contest. SeniorWeb’s mailing group on photography, with its own monthly contest, chose ‘National monuments’ as the theme of the month and organized a photo-safari in Haarlem. Members received support if they had any problems uploading their photos to Wiki Commons.

Wiki Loves Monuments in Germany (2011)
In Germany, one of the Wikipedia/Wikimedia workshops for a group of local historians in Postsdam-Mittelmark was organized around the photo contest: the goal was to take pictures in the neighborhood and to learn how to contribute to Wikimedia Commons.


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