Survey on the Implications of Internet Usage for Social Inclusion and Well-Being

Does the use of the internet and online communities make a (positive or negative) difference regarding social inclusion and well-being among seniors? – Current research on the consequences of Internet use shows contradictory results regarding real-life social inclusion and well-being (quality of life) of seniors.

So far, very little research that distinguishes the effects of actively contributing to online content and communities from the effects of rather passive consumption of these offerings has been conducted. Our study will fill this gap by analyzing the implications of different online styles for social inclusion and well-being. These effects will be examined in a longitudinal two-wave survey in order to capture the dynamics of these effects over a one-year period. This survey will be complemented by an offliner survey in order to better differentiate between effects of the Internet and effects that are caused by other factors influencing social inclusion and well-being.

The questionnaires contain questions on personal well-being, social inclusion, Internet use, and on the reasons why people do not use the Internet (offliners).

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