Software Development

The focus was on improving the user experience of online community platforms in terms of user- friendliness and ease of use. This improvement was achieved by recommending and partially realizing improvements for two Content Management Systems (CMS): MediaWiki and Drupal.

  • MediaWiki is a widely-used, free, web-based Wiki software application that is best known for its use editing Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia (one of the ten most visited sites on the World Wide Web). While the Wikimedia Foundation has undertaken several projects to improve usability for all users our focus was on users with impairments such as poor eyesight.
  • Drupal is another widely-used Open Source CMS used in web publishing. Applications include personal blogs and online communities as well as corporate websites, political entities and governments. This project focussed on improving the user-friendliness of the platform on which various websites including are based.

The research and development followed iterative steps. Each iteration started with a description of the points which needed to be addressed. From these points recommendations for improvements to the platforms were developed.

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