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“Translation Management”, “Link Management” and “Dynamic Properties” were identified as priorities for improvement. These priorities came from an end user wishlist and contributions from the Drupal Community.

Translation Management TMGMT

The TMGMT (Translation Management) Module provides functionality for managing multilingual websites such as seniorweb.ch. The translation can be performed either by users or agencies and is managed through an automated workflow. Without automation the administration and management of multilingual sites can be complex and problematic, starting from the setup pages through to the effort and costs of monitoring the process of translation as well as ensuring the quality of the translations.

TMGMT enables the definition of workflow rules meaning, for example, that site content can be published immediately and then content translated at a later date can be added (e.g. user generated content). Additionally, (in translation-before-publishing mode) content can be published after a complete translation and in several languages at once (e.g. a press release). Finally, translation quality assurance functionality (Preview Mode and a translation status dashboard) completes the module’s components.

Link Management
A “Link Management” component which checks the validity of links on a website was developed. With its more user friendly interface and statistical summary it is an improvement on the link checker module available in earlier Drupal versions. The development of the Link Management module also led to the development of a link checker for newsletters that, for example, flags up broken links or images with incorrect paths. Before sending the newsletter the checker extracts all links in the document and checks their validity. In the case of any problems the user is notified and allows the newsletter to be up-dated.

Dynamic Properties
“Dynamic Properties” is a new concept for the flexible definition of databank properties. For example, until now when setting up a list of events for a community it was only possible to select from a pre-defined set of attributes. The Dynamic Properties component now allows these kinds of lists more flexibility.

All improvements have been implemented and published.

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