28. June 2013

Social media for all


Social media is in fashion, and to keep Dutch Internet users up-to-date our TAO-Partner, SeniorWeb NL, has published range of guides (“Specials”) for social media users.

To help Internet users get used to and learn about social media the Dutch online community for senior citizens SeniorWeb has published a series of Specials each dealing with one of the following websites or services: Facebook, Twitter, Schoolbank, Hyves (a Dutch version of Facebook), Messenger and Skype. The 40-page guides cover all users need to know in easy to understand Dutch.

Members of SeniorWeb’s community can buy them from its webshop for only 6.50 Euro. There is also an accompanying booklet for teachers at adult education institutions which can be used along with the guides as lesson material.

The big seller is the Facebook guide which is already sold out (first run of 3000 copies). The new version has been extensively updated and revised to reflect Facebook’s latest developments. This makes it perfect for use in the ever growing number of social media workshops and classes at Dutch adult education institutions, where Facebook is by far the biggest topic.

For more information on the guides contact Kai Grabenhorst .
Guides to read (Dutch only)

This page is also available in: German


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