9. August 2013

TAO at international conference on human-computer-interaction in Las Vegas

The research activities within the TAO-project have received international attention and positive reception. Dirk Richter (along with Stijn Bannier from Maastricht) was invited to present the results of the TAO-survey on Internet usage and Web 2.0-participation of seniors the ‘Human-Computer Interaction International’-Conference (HCII 2013) in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Las Vegas is one of the most unusual locations for scientific conferences. However, due to the large hotel room capacity, Las Vegas is often used for large international meetings. The HCII-conference venue was the widely known ‘Mirage’-Hotel at the even more famous Las Vegas Boulevard, known as the ‘Strip’. Hotels such as the Mirage are so big (around 8’000 beds) that the conference with more than 3’000 participants was nearly not visible to ordinary visitors.

Within the 5-day-conference on every aspect of human-computer interaction, there were two sessions on seniors and computer usage where the report on the survey results was presented. Although the seniors’ issue was just of marginal importance in the whole event, these sessions and the TAO-survey results in particular received a lot of attention. Our survey results were discussed intensively with researchers from all around the world.

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