20. December 2013

TAO lives on as Network of Practice


In the growing “silver (surfer) market” there is the potential for the TAO practice partners to continue to put their expertise into practice beyond the end of the project. The TAO network of practice connects background expertise with the real world experience of communities for seniors.

The Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) project “Third Age Online” has developed long-lasting contributions for European senior citizen communities and webmasters. These contributions include the TAO-handbook and practical business models for communities dealing with senior citizens as well as open source based software optimisation for web developers.

In the context of Ambient Assisted Living, many products and services fail when they are brought to market. The generation 50+, in other words the growing silver market, represents a challenging target group. TAO’s expertise ensures that this group’s needs and characteristics can be specifically handled, benefiting those producers who wish to enter this market.

TAO has resulted in a stable network of expertise which has developed a range of practical market-based solutions. Key institutes in the network include, the Institut Alter (INA), part of the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BUAS) and the Zentrum für Allgemeine Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung (ZAWiW) at the University of Ulm both specialised in gerontology. While the BUAS’s department of business and the United Nations University in Maastricht continue to work on the economic aspects of ageing.

Symposium Bern, Nutzen von Senioren-Communities

Workshop Ulm, Motivation von Senioren-Communities

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