24. January 2011

Start of TAO in Germany

Wikimedia Germany, one of our German project partners, is aiming to approach, attract and include older people as authors for the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia. Compared to its share of the overall population, the generation aged 50 years and older has so far been underrepresented among Wikipedia contributors. In order to reach this goal, the project “Silver Knowledge” was recently launched in Berlin, Germany, in collaboration with local partners from the senior community. Wikimedia Germany is encouraging people with profound professional expertise and sound life experience to share their knowledge online and to become regular Wikipedia authors.

The new project is part of the European network on “Third Age Online” (TAO), which was launched in October 2010 in Berne, Switzerland, to share cross-border experience in this field between partner organisations from the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. Community interactions are closely observed and analysed by research partners from the three countries involved. The TAO project is funded by the European Commission in the framework of its Ambient Assisted Living program (AAL).

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