16. July 2013

TAO two-wave survey on well-being and social inclusion of older adults online is finished

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The TAO project partners UNU-MERIT, BFH and ZAWiW have carried out a panel survey among people of 50+ years in order to identify Internet usage patterns and the impact the Internet has on their social situation and well-being. Deliverable 5.2 provides the results of the second wave of the survey carried out in the beginning of 2013, one year after the first wave (D5.1).

The results reveal that between the two points in time there were only slight changes in the Internet usage patterns of the TAO target group. Given the relatively short period of time between the two survey waves this is not surprising. Overall, we found indications that the Internet has neither positive nor negative consequences on the psychosocial situation of older adults. This is due to the fact that the Internet affects only a part of this target group, and other social environment and life style factors play a more prominent role for older individuals (who did not grow up with the Internet). However, it is apparent that the Internet plays a vital role in broadening the social sphere of older adults. Overall, the results of our surveys suggest that this broadening process seems to be directed towards contacts with other people and more active usage of Web 2.0, while information provision and the leisure opportunities (games etc.) the Internet offers seem to become less important over time.
For more information please contact Dirk Richter or Stijn Bannier.
View the deliverables here:
Survey – First Wave
Survey – Second Wave

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