28. March 2013

Train the Trainers for iPad, iPhone, Facebook & Twitter


In the light of the Third Age Online-project (TAO), Dutch online senior community SeniorWeb gave workshops on teaching social media and mobile devices to senior citizens all over the Netherlands.

For SeniorWeb, their most valuable members are the volunteers that give courses throughout the country which are understandable and affordable for everyone. These volunteers not only teach courses, but often take full responsibility for the local organization of an educational center or an Internet café. For this reason they are also called „Ambassadors”. There are more than 3,200 active Ambassadors in the Netherlands, most of whom are senior citizens. In addition to educational activities, volunteers provide a computer helpdesk, offer technical support at home or serve as hosts for mail-groups.

To make sure these teachers are well-prepared and up-to-date on all possible topics, SeniorWeb organizes training sessions to introduce and elaborate on specific topics that might be addressed during new courses and workshops. Last year, in the light of TAO, these topics included social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Hyves (a Dutch social networking site), and mobile devices, namely smartphones (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, etc.) and tablet-PCs (iPad, Asus Transformer, etc.).

For more information or questions please send an email to Stijn Bannier

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