2. February 2011

Survey results 2010 from SeniorWeb NL

About 1’500 members participated in the annual survey of SeniorWeb. 69 per cent of them indicated that thanks to SeniorWeb they felt more comfortable using a computer. In general, members affirmed, they are happy with their affiliation. They gave SeniorWeb a rating of 8 out of 10 and would recommend the platform and services to others. The most common problems are: a slow computer (28 per cent) or not / too slow start-up of the computer (19 per cent). Problems that occur “occasionally”, according to the survey results, are unclear error messages (67 per cent) and an Internet connection that does not work (52 per cent).

SeniorWeb Netherlands, founded in 1996, is the oldest, largest and most successful seniors platform and one of the community partners of the European collaboration project Third Age Online (TAO).

For more infos see: http://www.seniorweb.nl/


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