17. August 2012

Wikipedia for Seniors: Presentation at WikiCon 2012 (Austria)

Silberwissen (Silver Knowledge) is a project being run by WikiMedia Germany and its partners. The project, which started in 2011, hopes to encourage older people to become active Wikipedia authors. There will be a presentation of Silver Knowledge at WikiCon in Dornbirn (Austria), a Wikimedia conference for German-speaking Wikipedians, on 1st September 2012, 11:00h.

With their life experience, knowledge and relatively high amounts of free time, older adults have the potential to become an important group among Wikipedia authors. Which is why Wikimedia Germany decided to directly target this group as long ago as 2008. The current Silberwissen project is being carried out under the banner of “Third Age Online” (TAO). Silberwissen activities are being evaluated with the help of the Centre for General Scientific Continuing Research of Ulm University (Germany).

Silberwissen is primarily a series of workshops in different locations at which Wikimedia trainers motivate the particpants to become Wikipedia authors and show them how easy it is to contribute to the encyclopedia. The presentation at WikiCon will give an overview of the aims and methods of the project, the experience gained at different locations and the reactions of the participants, amongst other things.

More information on…
WikiCon 2012 (in German)
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