30. April 2013

Workshop in Ulm: where Online Communities and Older People’s Organisations meet

On the 15th of May administrators from various online communities will meet with their counterparts from organisations representing older adults in Ulm. They will discuss how adults in the 50 plus age group can be successfully introduced to the virtual world of the Internet.

Feasible and lasting strategies to integrate and engage the “50+” age group will be the topic of a workshop on the 15th May 2013 at Villa Erberhard in Ulm (Germany). Representatives from well-known online communities, organisations representing older adults and community groups will come together to discuss how older generations can benefit from online communities and actively take part in them. The workshop aims to develop measures which can be put into practice.

Online communities allow people of all ages to widen their social sphere and engage in the creation of valuable content. However, various studies have shown that older people do not take full advantage of these opportunities. Additionally, they often under estimate the benefits of online communities. This means, those running these communities are faced with the twin challenges of encouraging more of the 50+ age group to take an active role and, equally important, making the most of older people’s skills and experience.

During the workshop, presentations will introduce successful solutions and projects, including “seniorbook.de” and “Silver Knowledge”. Workshop topics will for instance include “the role of volunteers in the success of communities”, and experts from Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands will present their latest research. As well as all this, the workshop is the perfect opportunity to exchange ideas and expand your professional network.

Videoclips and presentations can be viewed here.

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